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Terms of use

The visitors of siamidis.eu are requested to read thoroughly the following information, which are internationally recognized terms for the access and use of our webpage.

The website siamidis.eu was designed and belongs to the company with legal name “COSTAS SIAMIDIS SA” and brand name “SIAMIDIS SA”, which will be stated below as “company”

Binding Terms                                                                                      

By entering and navigating in the website, it is considered that the visitor has accepted the hereby stated terms of use. This acceptance consists of the explicit, unconditional, and irreversible agreement with these terms. In case that the visitor disagrees with any term, he/she should terminate and avoid the navigation at siamidis.eu and inform accordingly (if he/she wishes to) the administrator of the website.

The company maintains the right to modify the terms of use at any time and without justification, while these modifications will be in effect only when they are stated in a written format and are incorporated in this text. Therefore, it is recommended to the users of the website to check in different time periods the content of these terms. In case that it occurs partial or total cancellation or implementation weakness of any particular term(s), the validity of the rest terms is not affected. The gap that may appear in the agreement between the user and the website due to the canceled terms will be filled by new or modified terms that will determine if possible the legal purpose of each specific cancelled term. The above statements are valid in every case and for all matters that are not explicitly regulated by the content of this text and the terms of use.

Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

Except from the explicitly stated exemptions (intellectual rights of third parties, collaborating organizations and institutes as well as the intellectual right for the source code that belongs to the company that has developed the website) the entire content of the website, including all files of the website, are intellectual property, trademarks and registered trademarks of the company and are protected by the relevant provisions of the Greek Law, the European Law, and the international treaties.

Therefore, all above statements are provided for personal, non-commercial use, on condition that you will take into consideration all notes that refer to the creator’s right and the rest relevant intellectual property rights, which are contained in the original material, all copies of this material and it is not allowed to modify the content of the website by any means or the reproduction or public exposure or distribution or any other use for commercial or other purposes.

It is only allowed to the individual to save and copy of parts of the website’s content in a personal computer exclusively for personal use. An essential prerequisite for this is action is the lack of intent related to commercial use and the reference to the content’s source. In any case, this cannot be interpreted as indication of will to concede intellectual property rights of siamidis.eu.

Responsibility Refusal Declaration

The company has no responsibility either for potential demands of judicial, civil or penal nature or possible damage from visitors of our website or third parties related to the use of our website or the information included in the website or incapability of providence of services, products and/or information that are presented in the website.

The company makes every possible effort for the good operation of the website, without guaranteeing that all operations of the website or the servers which host it, will be unremitting, without any kind of fault and without any viruses or similar elements. The company has no responsibility for damages of any kind that may occur from the use of this website.

User’s responsibility

The visitor of siamidis.eu is obliged to use the website in compliance with the law, the moral ethics, and these terms without proceeding to actions or omissions that may result in the penal prosecution or the initiation of any civil or administrative process against the company for actions that indicatively, and not exclusively, are mentioned in the penal code, in special laws, and in the law that protects personal information, in the telecommunications law, as well as the law of EU, the National Telecommunications Committee, the Authority for Personal Data Protection, as well as any other  Public or Administrative Authority or Agency,

In case that any third-party proceeds with legal procedures against the company for contesting any legally-owned good of his own, which is incorporated in the statements of the current text of terms of use, the company has the right to turn reductively against the user. Together with all demands of the third party, the company retains the right to request compensation from the user for violating the terms of use and for any legal consequence results from the violation.

In any case, through the access and use of siamidis.eu, you agree that any exemptions and limitations of liability set by this text are correct.


With the use of proper links inside siamidis.eu it is given the possibility of access in webpages of third parties. The placement of these links has been done with the only purpose of facilitating the users. The links do not consist by any means, indication of acceptance or approval of the content of the webpages that are quoted with link. Each individual link drives to a different webpage, within which the navigation is subject to its specific terms of use. The company bears no responsibility for the content and the policy of management of personal information of the website that is quoted with the link. The access through the use of the provided links is conducted with the sole responsibility of the user.

Applicable Law and Other Terms

The current terms of use and their amendments are governed and completed, in any point needed, by the Greek and EU Law, as well as the relevant international treaties, while the responsible courts are those of Athens city (Greece).

The website siamidis.eu and the company have the steady aim that any disputes may appear as a result of the use and/or interpretation and application of the current terms of use to be resolved in friendly extra judiciary manner. For this reason, in case that as a user you spot any morally or legally problematic part in the content of the webpage, you are requested to notify the operator of the webpage at info@siamidis.gr.

Security of Personal Data

The management and protection of visitors’ personal data is subject to the terms of this text as well as the relevant regulations of the Greek and EU Law.

The processing of personal data is conducted in a way that secures the confidentiality of the process. The company, and its collaborating entities, use the right technical and managerial security tools, follow rules and other procedures to safeguard your personal data from any unauthorized access, disclosure, loss or random / illicit damage and any other form of illicit processing.

Subjects’ Rights

We inform you that you retain the rights stated in the applicable law for the protection of personal data in accordance with the provisions of the European Law (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR)

Any relevant claim of the subject of the data in relation to the conduct of the above rights should be addressed in a written way to our company and sent to the address (Costas Siamidis SA, Industrial Zone Inofita Tanagra Viotia 32011 Greece) or the email address info@siamidis.gr.

In case that you exercise any of the above-stated rights, the company will undertake any possible measure to satisfy your request within one (1) month from the submission and identification of your request, notifying you for the satisfaction of your request, or the reasons that hinder the exercise of the relevant right, according to the above regulation.

Our company safeguards the personal nature of your data and cannot share them with any third party for any reason, with the exemption of the relevant provisions of the law and only for the responsible Authorities.

Time of Preservation of Personal Data

The company maintains the right to keep and process your data for any time lasts our cooperation and, in any case, until we receive an erase request from you.


For the subscription of the user in the mailing lists of our newsletters the following information is requested: Name and Surname, Company name and Email. Siamidis.eu maintains file with the email addresses of the recipients only for the newsletters’ delivery. These data are never disclosed to third parties. The recipient of the newsletters may be deleted from the file of the email addresses by choosing the option of Unsubscribe. Siamidis.eu can delete any recipient without explanation.