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As a DuPont™ Kevlar® weaver, partner, and vertically integrated armor manufacturer since 2000, we acquire extended expertise in high-performance armor systems. SIGMA® ARMOR Division of SIAMIDIS specializes in development and manufacture of high-performance ballistic protection systems of advanced reliability.

SIGMA® ARMOR Products are vertically manufactured in-house exclusively based on the leading ballistic protection technologies of DuPont™ Kevlar® and DuPont™ Tensylon™ to ensure outstanding protection and reliability. Focusing on each system’s overall performance, we design and manufacture innovative carrier systems that integrate our expertise and technologies applied in advanced combat gear.

Recognizing innovation as a key component of SIGMA® armor products, we participate in major European Research Projects and collaborate closely with end users, our partners, and technological institutes for in-house developments.

SIGMA® Bulletproof Vests

SIGMA® Hard Ballistic Plates

Blankets and Hard Armor Panels