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The ARCTOS® Concept specializes in innovative technical-oriented garments exclusively made by GORE® Fabrics that provide unsurpassed comfort, capabilities, and protection in multi-climate and multi-risk environments.

ARCTOS® Garments are based on GORE-TEX®, GORE® PYRAD®, and GORE® WINDSTOPPER® technologies to guarantee optimized protection and/or combined protection against rain, wind, cold, flame, and heat.

Garment design is developed in collaboration with W.L. Gore and end users focusing on innovation, performance, and functionality.Origin and reliability are key components of ARCTOS®. Garments are made in-house by sustainable manufacturing processes and are recognized, for their durability, the increased life-cycle, and the minimal environmental footprint.

GORE-TEX® Rainwear


GORE® PYRAD® FR Combat Gear

GORE® WINDSTOPPER® Thermal Insulation